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DualForce Idle

DualForce Idle

DualForce is an idle game that combines elements of both strategy and action. In this game, players are tasked with managing and expanding their own empire while also engaging in thrilling battles.

The game begins with players building their own empire from scratch, starting with a small settlement and gradually expanding it into a thriving civilization. You will need to gather resources, construct buildings, and research new technologies to enhance your empire's development.

However, DualForce takes a unique twist by introducing intense battles that require your active participation. As your empire grows, you will encounter various enemies and rival factions that pose a threat to your dominance. To ensure your empire's survival, you must strategically plan your defenses, train armies, and strategically attack enemy territories.

One of the core mechanics of DualForce is the concept of "dual forces." In battles, players control both their empire's forces and a hero character to engage in real-time combat. The hero character possesses unique skills and abilities that can turn the tide of battle, making each encounter exciting and challenging.

In addition to combat, DualForce features an idle gameplay element. While you actively participate in battles, your empire will continue to grow and generate resources even when you're not online. This allows you to progress and expand your empire without constant input, making it an ideal game for both casual and dedicated players.

DualForce also offers a rich multiplayer experience, allowing you to form alliances with other players and compete against rival empires. You can engage in PvP battles, trade resources, and work together to conquer formidable enemies.

With stunning graphics, in-depth gameplay mechanics, and a perfect blend of strategy and action, DualForce offers an immersive and exciting idle gaming experience like no other. So, gather your forces, expand your empire, and dominate the realm in DualForce!

How To Play?

LMB - Build
RMB - Destroy
R - Rotate

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