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Gods of Defense

Gods of Defense

Welcome to the Gods of Defense game, where you will have to work hard to build a strong defense tower to protect the sleeping god. Gods of Defense is a Roguelike Tower Defense game set on a procedurally generated map. The god you choose stands atop a temple in the center of the map. Corrupt enemies are trying to destroy the temple with each wave of attacks. After each wave, you can banish enemy portals away from the temple, thus revealing more of the map, which will lead you gradually towards their original cave. Attacking the enemy's lair and completely preventing attacks is the primary goal of the game.


In Gods of Defense game, the further you go you will have to face waves of enemies that are increasingly stronger and harder to destroy, but don't worry, as long as you have a suitable strategy, you can completely win. win. When you first start the game, your only towers are the basic gun turret and energy source. After successfully defending against a number of attacks, you will be rewarded with Boons that give you more options - New Towers, upgrading a series of more powerful combat weapons. Now join in building your amazing battle planning skills in this fun-filled Gods of Defense game!

How To Play?

WASD = pan camera
QE = rotate camera
Left mouse button = use weapons / in-game menu
Tab = cycle through time fast forward
Space or P = pause / resume
Ctrl+Click = upgrade towers

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