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Zombies Can't Jump 2

Zombies Can't Jump 2

Zombies Can’t Jump 2 is an original and accessible tower defense game – simple to play yet challenging.

The fight for survival continues as the zombies outbreak is spreadin! Challenge and fun is awaiting you in this original, nail hammering zombie defense game.

The zombies will enter the screen from both sides. You can click on any side of the screen to make your characters focus on that side. As you pass levels, you'll unlock new skills and weapons. Use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to control your characters.

You can build a crate for them to stand on, or activate the rage mode to deal more damage. Kill all the enemies and earn points!

If you enjoy creepy characters, then be sure to check our collection of online scary games. Have fun!

How To Play?

You can use Mouse let play.

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