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Day D: Tower Rush

Day D: Tower Rush

D Day - Tower Rush is a strategy game, and more specifically, a tower defense game. Your goal will be to fight powerful and fast dinosaurs which want to destroy your village.

You will have to build small turrets on the proposed locations to attack your enemies on the road that goes to the village. You can also upgrade towers or sell them if you need money.


But you'll also have to build new items and weapons in order to better deefend yourself against the increasingly dangerous and depraved dino detractor! Plaace your battlements, upgrade your weapons then lock and load and lets go!

How To Play?

Use your mouse to select where you'd like to place your base, the kind of base you'd like to build and any and all other modifications to the base.

You may upgrade your defences, your aggressive capabilities, time travel devices, the damage value of your attacks, as well as the range, frequency, and overall intensity of the attacks.

You may plan, place and build your towers anywhere you want along the path of the invading dinos.

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