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Tower Swap

Tower Swap

Tower Swap is a super fun classic game by combining the Tower Defense and Match 3 genres. Dragons are trying to fly in and attack your territory. Use tower defense strategies to protect your castle from dragons! In front of you will be a battlefield divided into many grid cells, each containing different resources: stone, wood, treasure, iron and ice blocks. Your task is to connect 3 boxes containing the same treasure to create combat weapons such as arrows, explosive bombs or additional chest rewards to help you increase the number of teleports. The tip for you is to try to build defensive towers at the top of each row which will help you kill more dragons. Each level has a limited number of moves, so take your time and come up with a solid strategy to defend your castle! Try out this fun Tower Swap game and see how you would rank compared to your friends!

Conversion principles when combining three items in the Tower Swap game:

Stone - creates a defensive attack tower
Gunpowder - craft a cannon
Ice - creates a solid wall of ice to slow down enemy advances and prevent them from reaching your fortress
Log - creates a turret that attacks at a higher level

How To Play?

Use left mouse button to play

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