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Mech-X4 Defense Grid

Mech-X4 Defense Grid

One of the best games available from Disney Channel called Mech-X4 Defense Grid promises to bring players exciting and tense battles with monsters attacking the city. If you want a chance to be among the best players, you must defeat all enemies in this fighting game. If you want to prove that you are better than other players then this is the best way to do it. You can absolutely invite your friends to challenge to see who can destroy the most monsters and get the highest score. Have fun!


In this Mech-X4 Defense Grid game there will be two modes for you to choose from.

In the first mode, your job is to test the laboratory and create the monster you think is the most powerful. This monster will fight with other evil monsters to protect the peace of the city. You can choose body type, head, arms and tail or wings. Take a look at all the options and see if you can build the ultimate monster! You can always try again and design a new one so you can try it over and over again.

Try your second mode of observing the monster radar and when an opponent is detected, go and defeat it! During battle, you'll see your opponent's health meter and a special attack meter. Also, monitor your robot's health. To reduce damage, be alert and calculate your attacks carefully!

How To Play?

Press the red radar scan on the screen to search for monsters.

Choose monsters and get ready to attack and destroy them.

Click the left mouse button to select things around the laboratory and attack during combat.

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